In April, after the rain the air is like a living thing. It smells of aspiration and dirt – everything is possible. The colors are brighter, the view of Mt. Rainier is so clear you can almost touch it. There’s a psychedelic quality to April. It reminds me of that Beatles song Because, which was released in 1969 – an Earth Rooster year.

In the Chinese calendar the Dragon marks the end of the wood season of spring. It’s the part of spring that is the most magical and changeable. The weather changes throughout a single day; today’s bright flowers will be spent tomorrow. There’s a poignancy in knowing it won’t last – except in the choices you make this month.

If you are looking to make a change then April is the month to do it, especially during this Rooster year. With the Dragon present you will find the things you thought were holding you back (including bullies) are really just the shadows on a wall – a perception that does not have to be your reality.

In April there is hidden knowledge under the surface. If you try to look directly at it it will slip away. Take a more subtle approach and see what you catch out of the tail of your eye. Don’t try so hard. It’s all there if you are open to it.

A Dragon manages impressive achievements and solves problems of all sorts without apparent effort or preparation. You probably know people who are like this or it may even be you!

Born in a Dragon Year: 1940,1952,1964,1976,1988,2000,2012
Born in a Dragon Month: April 4th-May 4th*
Born on a Dragon Day: *
Born in the Dragon hour: 7-9am**

*You need an almanac to get this right – or ask me.
**The location of your birth is needed to get this right – just ask.

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