James Comey
Born December 14, 1960 (hour unknown)
is too much water? He gets fired from his position of FBI Director on May 9, 2017, ostensibly due to damage done to the credibility of the FBI on his watch.

You don’t need to use divination to know that Comey’s firing has much more to do with our current administration’s ties to Russia than it has to do with some other action on Comey’s part. The reason Comey was fired is that he was perceived as having too much power over information about events that happened last year. The element of water represents Comey’s power in his ba zi but the element of water in general is about communication. Communication will not be suppressed by his dismissal in 2017 because the central energy of this year is water.

But let’s look at his ba zi.

James Comey was fired on a Fire Monkey day. You may remember that 2016 was a Fire Monkey year so already you can see here that there is an implication that he was fired for things that happened last year. Obviously there are echoes of recent events – anyone remember what happened shortly before the election? The 2 months prior to the election were Fire Monkey (August) and Fire Rooster (September). The same sort of chi as 2016 and 2017 but on a different scale.

When the Monkey is in the chart along with the Dragon there is a triple water combination in his chart. In a sense in the Rooster year the Dragon is lurking all of the time but it looks like April 2017 (Dragon month) completes the water combination and it is just too much. The Monkey has to do with getting in trouble with spoken words and the Dragon has to do with sudden change. When they come together with the Rat, keeper (or revealer) of secrets Comey is fired.

Comey’s current Big Fate is Water Snake. We just entered the Snake month on May 5th. Look to the Snake for marking out liars, spin doctors and truth seekers. Always a theme for the Snake. And just so you know, I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up.

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