My name is Stephanie Stewart and I practice feng shui using Traditional Chinese methods in the greater Seattle area. I also offer Four Pillars of Destiny analysis or life readings.

I grew up mostly in small towns in Arizona. I attended a small liberal arts college on the east coast, majoring in Classical Studies with a concentration in Ancient Philosophy. At that time, there were still departments just for Greek and Latin. Imagine that. After I graduated I moved back to Arizona for about a year. I moved to Seattle in the late 80s.

After college I worked in several different academic libraries, usually behind the scenes. I also worked at the legendary Gravity Bar on Capital Hill in Seattle where I met my husband. Salad days.

I left work to start a family with my husband, we bought our first house, and that is where I planted my first garden in 1995.

After my children had grown out of the toddler stage I happened to attend a feng shui class at a local plant nursery. That is when I found the intersection of my interests and talents and became a life long student of Chinese Metaphysics.

Since 2002 I’ve been studying and practicing feng shui. Gardening is what sparked my interest in feng shui and it’s a way to add to my understanding of Five Elements theory through daily observation. Many people focus on interiors in practicing feng shui but the land is a much stronger influence than the house itself. Some of my most successful and fun jobs involve landscaping and plant selection.

In summer 2012 I decided to re-start my business and set it off by adding a new component of Chinese Metaphysics to my practice. That is when I began my formal study of ba zi or Four Pillars of Destiny. It is known as a system of Chinese Astrology but to explain it in the most mundane (yang) terms it is a statistical and logical analysis of the birth data, used in conjunction with certain algorithms. The yin side of this is that every birth chart is different from any other and so there are no absolutes when it comes to interpretation. One of the biggest things I have learned so far is that being open minded is not the same as embracing relativism. Ba zi is my current obsession.