My name is Stephanie Stewart and I practice Feng Shui using Traditional Chinese methods. I also offer Four Pillars of Destiny analysis or life readings.

I grew up mostly in small towns in Arizona. I attended a small liberal arts college on the east coast, majoring in Classical Studies with a concentration in Ancient Philosophy. At that time, there were still departments just for Greek and Latin. Imagine that. After I graduated I moved back to Arizona for about a year. I moved to Seattle in the late 80s.

After college I worked in several different academic libraries, usually behind the scenes. I also worked at the legendary Gravity Bar on Capital Hill in Seattle where I met my husband. Salad days.

I left work to start a family with my husband, we bought our first house, and that is where I planted my first garden in 1995.

After my children had grown out of the toddler stage I happened to attend a Feng Shui class at a local plant nursery. That is when I found the intersection of my interests and talents and became a life long student of Chinese Metaphysics.

Since 2002 I’ve been studying and practicing feng shui. Gardening is what sparked my interest in feng shui and it’s a way to add to my understanding of Five Elements theory through daily observation. Many people focus on interiors in practicing Feng Shui but the land is a much stronger influence than the house itself. Some of my most successful and fun jobs involve landscaping and plant selection.

In summer 2012 I began my formal study of Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny. It’s called Four Pillars because the 4 bits of data that make up your birth date are required: year, month, day, hour. You won’t find as many people who read Ba Zi as practice Feng Shui, but Ba Zi seems to have been originally intended as a healing model and is an important component of Feng Shui analysis. A Ba Zi is meant to enrich your self-knowledge by putting you in touch with your past, present and possible futures. I think one of the best things about Ba Zi is that it addresses our questions and/or problems in a way that implies the situation can be changed rather than just giving a diagnosis. There is fate and then there is free will – life is in the interaction of these two.

As to divination: I don’t divine from everything but I’m willing to divine from anything. I use the Yi Jing primarily but there are many other “signs” that are often expressed by the metaphor that comes to mind upon “seeing” them.