Ba Zi is an ancient Chinese method of predicting one’s overall life path, personality traits, and where in time you may have gotten “stuck”.

It is said that when you take your first breath you inhale your destiny, which is based on the elements present at the time. And so, a Ba Zi is drafted using your birth data: year, month, day, hour and location. 

I choose to draft Ba Zi by hand rather than using a calculator because the very act invokes (ching), which might be translated as feeling, affection or caring – those natural, pure sentiments that come from the heart. The time and effort it takes to draft by hand is a meditation in itself that allows me to open to what it might feel like to be you. I take that understanding and share with you whatever seems to be important given where you are now. Your Ba Zi will tell me. Naturally, I will address any particular questions or concerns you have as well.

Booking a Ba Zi is a great way to get to know yourself better and make more effective and appropriate choices. Although it can be uncomfortable to consider the aspects of yourself that you perceive as unattractive or undesirable, it’s important to understand that every quality about us has both helpful and unhelpful characteristics depending on how we wield it. Ba Zi is not about judgement. It’s simply meant to help us understand why we do what we do, why certain relationships in our lives are the way they are, and which of our talents we might be ignoring.