Stephanie offers a variety of services, all are based on Traditional Chinese models unless otherwise noted.

Feng Shui Services

Ba Zi and Other Services

A residential feng shui survey includes drafting a full Ba Zi of each occupant of the house, providing a debrief. and a complete evaluation of both the exterior and interior. I will spend anywhere from 4-8 hours at your property and give you specific instructions as to what to move, change and do. Follow up emails and phone calls are included to ensure outcome.

Just looking for a quick survey and some simple advice?

A mini residential survey takes 2-3 hours. I will draft a basic ba zi (no debrief) for each occupant. I will tour your property and provide specific insructions as to what to move or do.

To find the house that provides the best energetic support for you, here’s what you need to know:

Your Best Directions and the Best House Directions for You

I can tell you that based on your birth data. You can take that information and use it to find the house that will be the best fit for you.

If you’d like more support, I offer two more services for house hunting so you can pick and choose:

Quick Yes or No

I can give you a yes or no for a house from looking at the information online thanks to the technology that exists around real estate and maps these days.

New Home Set Up

I will help you set up your new home in accord with your best locations and directions and other Feng Shui methods.

One of the things I’m best at is getting a house to sell quickly and for a good price. I have had success with my own houses and those of others, sometimes getting that perfect offer within hours of listing.

The most common way that real estate agents do this is to make the house more yang, which is helpful. I can provide other, more effective methods such as the placing of water. 

My love of gardening is what originally sparked my interest in Feng Shui. The constant observation of the daily and seasonal changes is a lesson about Five Elements in itself.

The most powerful implementations of Feng Shui happen where the real wind and water is: outdoors.

Garden Only Survey

This outdoor only survey includes 2-4 hours spent on your property during which I will give you recommendations on changes to the landscape regarding:

  • openings and gates
  • fencing and walls
  • paths
  • ornaments
  • colors
  • other additions such as sculptures and boulders
  • plant or tree placement or removal
  • pruning
  • specific plant recommendations based on your microclimate. 


I don’t provide a drawing or plan but will make sure you are certain of what goes where.

Does not include landscaping services or recommended plants, trees or materials.

Whether you work from a home office or outside of the home, the proper application of Feng Shui can enhance your performance. Simply stated, we are smarter and more effective in certain locations, facing certain directions. I can tell you which ones are best for you and your business.

If you are looking for a new place to set up shop I can help you choose a site that supports you and your business.

It takes 1-3 hours on site to evaluate your work space for home offices and small businesses. Some additional time for off site analysis may be required.

If I’ve already surveyed your home or office and you are still in the same location then I already have most of the information I need to get you realigned for the New Year. 

For repeat clients.

You provide your birth data: Year, Month, Day, Hour and Location.

After I’ve drafted your Ba Zi we will meet in person or online (via Skype or FaceTime) to debrief. I will tell you what element(s) to “seek” and give suggestions as to how to do that. I will address any specific questions or goals you have and give you some helpful tips on timing.

If you like, I will provide an audio recording of our meeting.

If I have already drafted your Ba Zi you can book an annual refresh at my hourly rate.

Many people who practice feng shui do not consider the element of timing when it comes to implementation.

Why is timing important?

Choosing the right moment for any action results in quicker, bigger results.

For your special day, such as the opening of a business, moving house or getting married, timing will affect the longevity and success of your enterprise.

Timing is also crucial for  other implementations of Feng Shui such as water placement.

I will compare your Ba Zi with that of your partner (or potential partner) and determine your compatibility.

Where the Stars Are

My monthly newsletter will highlight which areas of your house to work with, how to do it,  and which areas to leave alone in the coming month, along with other Feng Shui tips and tricks.

I also identify auspicious dates and translate those into the Cycle of 60. If you know the pillars of your Ba Zi you can pick out which days are good specifically for you and plan accordingly.

You can request a free sample issue prior to subscribing.

Color selection

Ba Zi for Genealogy

All prices available on application.